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TOP 10 Halloween Party Decorations Ideas to Get Inspired

Content halloween decorations

We all agree that it is highly important to have good Halloween decorations in order to get this scary spirit of holiday. Check out what we've got and use it as a source of inspiration.

1. Cover the skeleton with a luminous paint and hang it from the ceiling. When you turn off the light it will be glowing in the dark, creating the illusion of having become alive.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - skeleton

2. For this decoration you will need some plastic spiders, scorpions or whatever it is that you prefer and colored water. Put everything in a bottle and enjoy the look of animals “preserved in formaldehyde”.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - spiders

3. To create the scene of crime in bathroom you will need red paint and white shower curtains/towels which you were going to throw out anyway. Then use your imagination and create!

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - bloody bathroom

4. If you are good at handmade, try making these easy trinkets. It will take you a few minutes to create such spiders and you can later give them to your guests as little party gifts.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - knitted spiders

5. It is difficult to imagine Halloween party without skeletons all over the place. Buy some in the nearest thematic shop and put them in different places. It can also be used as halloween office decorations.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - skeleton

6. Remember “The book of life”? You can find a lot of inspiration for makeup in this cartoon, but you can also use the aesthetic of this film for decorations. Check out these plant pots for example.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - plants potted in skulls

7. If you want to use really scary halloween decorations, try this one. You will need some skeleton or any metallic framework and old clothing.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - ghost with a lamp

8. This Halloween decorations are more difficult but definitely more impressive. Buy a dinosaur toy and decorate it with some fake plastic flesh.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - dinosaur

9. Cut out bat-shaped pieces of paper and decorate the house with them. It will look more effective on the lamps.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - lamp with bats

10. This is how you can use free jars. Put a candle in it and decorate it as a pumpkin, ghost or any monster.

Halloween Party Decorations Ideas - spooky lamps

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