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EssayAcademia Review by Rated by Students

The following is our website review of EssayAcademia.com, This EssayAcademia review is based on several hours of research that we did in preparation of writing this piece. We began our process by reading a few Essay Academia student reviews. It is always helpful to know what students think. Then we did an internet search for essayacademia.com BBB. We like to see if there are active complaints so that we know that  Essay Academia is safe. The final two steps are exploring the website for great content and special offers, and then ordering a paper that we can review.

Quality of Services Offered

Because this writing service only offers academic writing our selections were limited. We ordered a four page essay with a ten day deadline. Our essay was delivered two days early. That’s the only good point. The writing was simply horrid. We can forgive a couple of grammar errors. If we have an intense topic or a quick deadline, we even expect to make a couple of revisions before the paper is ready for prime time. This was just beyond the pale. There is definitely a reason that so many EssayAcademia reviews are so negative.

Writers And Customer Support Agents

While everybody we dealt with was quite courteous, that doesn’t make up for the fact that the quality was so low. It also doesn’t make up for the fact that the writing service did not make any of their mistakes right. We aren’t sure what is going on behind the scenes, but something needs to change. Nice and apologetic isn’t what consumers want. They want quality products, and they want somebody who is willing to actually fix problems and take action when a complaint is made. These things simply are not happening here.

Prices And Discounts

EssayAcademia prices are much too high for what they have to offer. We paid more than 20 dollars per page. That’s about five dollars per page higher than the average market rate. That’s pretty disappointing. We looked into EssayAcademia.com discounts but there weren’t too many options. There was a EssayAcademia coupon code for first time customers. There were also Essay Academia promo codes for customers who place multiple orders over time. We weren’t all that interested in discounts, unfortunately, once we received such a low quality product.

Additional Freebies And Benefits

The first thing that we saw when we started exploring website was an offer of a free draft. Well, that’s a bit misleading. The draft is not free. It costs five dollars. It’s also not truly a draft. It’s just a brief synopsis. There is also a series of articles on the website that are all about writing services. Predictably they all recommend that readers use EssayAcademia writing services. We did find a few writing samples that weren’t too bad. We were a bit surprised to see that there weren’t any Essay Academia testimonials that were written by satisfied customers. It would have been nice to know that some customers had been happy with their services.

Do we Recommend it?

The short answer to this question is absolutely not. Hopefully the review above explains our poor EssayAcademia.com rating. We just cannot recommend a website where product quality is so low and prices are so high. This is compounded by the fact that nobody seemed to care enough to make things right. If you have been considering using this website, please don’t. We have many top quality writing services that we can recommend to you. Stick around and keep checking out our reviews until you find one that is a match for your budget and your academic needs.

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6 customer reviews of EssayAcademia.com

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I won't recommend using this writing service to anyone. Their writers are not able to perform high-quality papers at all. I ordered a research paper from them, but it was very badly written. I asked for a revision, but it didn't make the paper much better. The sources were old and the research wasn't thorough. I'm not sure that I will hand it in to my professor.

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recommended this service

Positive: The papers are send on time.

Negative: Prices are higher but the quality is average. No discounts whatsoever. The support is professional, but not customer-oriented.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I don't trust this writing service at all! Their writers are terrible, and the papers don't even look like they were written by professionals. It was a bad experience with bad results. The professor gave me a "C' for it! Definitely wouldn't recommend!

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