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According to our research, EssayDune.com appears to be based in the United Kingdom. We believe they have not been around for a very long time. All of the Essay Dune student reviews that we have been able to locate on the internet have only been written recently. However, we have received a few requests to write a EssayDune review. So, we decided to check the company out. As always, this entails placing an order for an essay, reading other EssayDune reviews, and exploring the company’s website to check out what they have to offer. Of course, we want to find out if Essay Dune is safe. To do that, we Google EssayDune.com BBB. Final, we check out pricing, and see if there are any Essay Dune promo codes that might save you a little money.

Each of these things along with customer service influence our final recommendations. Keep reading, if you are considering using this service.

Quality of Services Offered

The services offered are related to academics only, and are geared towards college and graduate students. They include essays, term papers, lab reports, book reports, critiques, and other academic writing. Other services include editing and proofreading as well as admissions and scholarship essays. For this review, we placed an order for an essay.

Unfortunately, the writing was not up to par. There were multiple spelling and grammatical issues. We also noticed that word usage was just a bit off in  many places. In our experience, this usually means the company is using writers whose first language is not English. What we received is not a paper that could have been turned in for a grade, at least not a good one. Don’t be fooled by the glowing Essay Dune testimonials posted on their website. Our EssayDune.com rating in the area of writing is very low.

Writers And Customer Support Agents

In spite of the quality issue, we can say that our writer was very polite. He answered questions promptly, and was very patient when it took us some time to provide him with some clarification. We believe he was knowledgeable about the subject matter, but simply didn’t  have the English writing skills to put his thoughts down on paper.

Support was polite and  helpful. However, they were not willing to offer a refund or revision when we complained. They stated that their hands were tied.

essaydune prices

Pricing And Discounts

EssayDune prices skew just a bit below average. This could explain the quality issues with writing. However, we did find some EssayDune discounts these are based upon the total price of your order. Unfortunately, you have to place a fairly large order for these to apply. There is no EssayDune coupon code for this.

Additional Freebies And Features

There is a blog on the website, and we have to say it’s pretty good. The topics are interesting and the posts are well written. Unfortunately, there’s not much interesting beyond that.


If you want to read some interesting blog posts geared towards college students, visit this website. However, if you need quality writing, better move on to another writing service.

EssayDune Review

1 customer review of EssayDune.com

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I hate when someone unprofessional tries to pretend professional. Especially when it deals with time, money and business. Essay Dune resource says that their specialists are the best in their sphere. Not true! The deadline wasn’t met! My paper was of MLA type, not Chicago! Plus, if I ask for 20 pages – I expect to receive 20 pages! Not 18, not 19 or 19,5 but 20! If the bibliography is a must – why isn’t it in my paper??? I can't find any positive aspect to recommend this site!

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Stan commented:

My research paper in medicine looked like it was originally in English, then translated to Chinese, than back to English, again to Chinese and back to English. It had no sense but just a set of many words and terms that deal with medicine. Omg, what?!

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