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FreshEssays Review by Rated by Students

Quality of the services offered - 4\5

On their very smart website, FreshEssays.com give an entirely new slant to the essay writing marketplace. By proclaiming, from the off, that they are simply a community of degree holding, professional writers, and editors, who simply want to help college students to be more effective in school. They then assume the role of “family”. It must have something going for it as they have been around since 2010 and deal with college writing, professional writing, essay writing, and essay topics.

Interestingly, they acknowledge and cater for the difference between U.S. and British English, and will accommodate this if the student mentions it on the order form. They boast that they give three, free revisions, with each order. They also state that they can complete any paper thrown at them and that their "family" of writers have to pass a rigorous selection test to be accepted.

There is a whole section dedicated to Fresh Essays testimonials from customers regarding the VIP customer service additions.

content freshessay

Writers and Customer Support Agents - 3\5

The writing “family” of Fresh Essays is hand picked from the cream of educational institutions, and the authors are examined carefully for their suitability to join.

Customer support is available 24/7 via Skype, email, phone, or a chat portal. This service actually states that their customer support representatives have of the authority to act should there be any issues to be resolved.

Fresh Essays student reviews are quite complimentary about these aspects of service.

Prices and Discounts 5\5

FreshEssays prices are broken down into four separate categories; writing from scratch, editing and proofreading, multiple choice questions, and problem-solving. Within these categories, there are undergraduate, bachelor, professional, and admission help categories. To give an idea of the costs involved we asked for a 10-page, bachelor level essay, with a 14-day deadline, and were quoted $130 before discount.

FreshEssays.com discounts are done by a system of bonuses - for example, once you have placed your first order, you get a 10% bonus from your payment, which is credited to an account. You may then redeem that bonus and apply it to the next order, and so on. You can sign up to save those bonuses, or you can spend them, order by order. Discounts are 5% off for orders over $500, and 10% off for orders over $1,000.  The student has to claim the rebate -  it is not automatically granted.

FreshEssays coupon code is valid on placing your first order and enables you to save 7%

Their promo codes do not seem to be available

FreshEssays reviews have noted that the discount scheme, and the way it is administered, is not the most generous of practices.

Additional freebies and Benefits

Free features, which are apparently worth over $30, include, free title page, reference page, formatting, and free email delivery, as well as free revisions.

FreshEssays.com rating score on external sites mentions these freebies as being quite stingy, especially the free email delivery, where amazement was expressed at it being charged for in the first place.

Do we recommend it? - Yes/No/…

Fresh Essays is safe; although FreshEssays.com BBB, (Better Business Bureau) affiliation and membership are non-exisistent.

The primary flaw with the system of Fresh Essays approach is, simply, that by adding things like proofreading by professional editor, and enabling VIP writers to complete the paper as added extras; not only does the service cost more - it also calls into question the validity, and the competence, of the basic service provided in the first place. It would seem to suggest that the extra work is necessary because the initial work was not good enough. This is not a great basis on which a student/essay writing service relationship should begin.

It would seem that the initial premise of FreshEssays.com being a family, and welcoming you as a member, does not really pan out in practice. There are lots of hidden charges and extras which the majority of essay writing companies provide anyway, free of charge.

We would certainly have to think twice before picking FreshEssays.com as a provider.

13 customer reviews of FreshEssays.com

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Delicious price thanks to discounts. Pleasant supports.

Negative: I lost time due to revisions since the writer couldn't read I believe. And I still didn't get it right!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Not the kind of service you can use on a regular basis but once in a while they are ok. I`m not saying that my paper from them was bad but it simply wasn`t winning and brought me "C". I was satisfied back then but won`t recommend this service to anyone.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Nothing good to say about them.

Negative: Expensive and not that professional.

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1 comment

Kassie commented:

Their writers fail in quality and time of writing. Upsetting.

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