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How We Started RatedByStudents

Welcome to RatedByStudents.com! There are hundreds of academic writing services out there. It is confusing, difficult and time-consuming to read through and assimilate which one matches your requirements. Not all of these are genuine sites. Some are set up specifically to cheat students by, either providing substandard work, or passing off the work of others as their own (plagiarizing).

RatedByStudents.com was conceived as an answer to the problem of sorting the good from the bad. The idea was that by using just one site, students could find all the answers they needed, and the research and ratings assessments, done for them.

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Our Reviewers and Their Job

Our team of specialist educational experts have vast experience, over many years, of preparing, marking and assessing academic papers at all levels. What we try to achieve is to see our students fly through their academic studies and gain exceptional grades. We acknowledge that students, from time to time, need advice and another pair of eyes to guide them through difficult and unfamiliar tasks and assignments.

Students who feel that they could benefit from such help should not be embarrassed, humiliated or distressed by this; they should be helped and steered toward a suitable solution to their own set of circumstances.

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Why Read Our Reviews If There’s Plenty Written By Students?

Our aim is not to imply that we are the only answer. Consumer reviews will always have their place in any student’s research.

Our point is that these types of reviews are often one-sided, and should be treated with a great deal of wariness. Often, such reviews do not relate the students' failings, or their contribution to the failure of a particular project. It may well have been the fault of the writing service but there is no way of knowing.

This is where RatedByStudents.com comes in. Our service is completely neutral. We are examining the evidence of results - not emotions. It is for this reason that you should use our service.

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Assessing Websites by Ordering

Our aims are twofold. To give pertinent information to students who are considering any sort of writing service - this information will allow students to sift through the trustworthy sites, whilst being able to dismiss those which are not suitable, for whatever reason, and decide on those which fit their required field of study. To objectively review each website and make an assessment which is consistent, fair and accurate in all respects. We visit each website and examine every single page. We click each link and we investigate everything from the policy document pages, the service and product explanations, blogs, forums and all of the minutiae making up the rest of the site. This is double-checked by separate examiners to ensure accuracy. 

We actually order papers from sites as customers. This way we can be sure that we are being treated as a normal paying client would be. The thoroughness of our checks means that you can be confident in our recommendations.

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