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PaperWritings Review by Rated by Students

We were recently asked to write a review of PaperWritings.com. This is a writing service that has been in existence since 2010. They offer the typical, garden variety writing services that are offered to students. This includes research papers, term papers, book reports, etc. Here is what we did to prepare to write this PaperWritings review. First of all, we wanted to know what students thought, so we searched out and read Paper Writings student reviews. These were very enlightening. Next, we searched for PaperWritings.com BBB. In terms of any investigations or allegations, we can say that Paper Writings is safe. This was to look for any alarming allegations. We also ordered a paper, and compared PaperWritings prices with similar websites. The final thing we did was look into any extra content and examine the website for user experience. We believe you will find this review quite helpful as you work to find the best writing service available to you.

Quality of Services Offered

We requested an essay on the topic, how has anti-intellectualism impacted the growth of for profit universities. It was our intention to receive a paper that addressed the fact that students are being encouraged to eschew higher education in favor of college diploma mills. The total cost of our 5 page paper was 80 dollars. We’ll discuss price in just a bit. At this point, we would really like to address quality. Many of the PaperWritings reviews that we read mentioned writing quality as a concern.

We wish we could report something to contradict this, but the truth is the paper we received was not very good. After all, this is a topic that is being talked about quite frequently due to current events in the United States. We were disappointed with the utter lack of insight and the poor spelling and grammar. How disappointing.

Writers And Customer Support Agents

As is almost always the case, our writer was very cordial. They were responsive to our questions, and our interactions were always polite. Clearly though, there was a disconnect somewhere because the paper we received was so poorly written. Our experience with customer service was a different story altogether. We were treated extremely well before and during the writing process. Sadly, once we had a complaint the tables were turned. We were addressed quite differently. Suddenly, what was once a very customer centric, friendly, and laid back approach became very confrontational and legalistic. It was very disappointing to see that in an industry that should pride itself on customer service.

It also made us feel sorry for students who had to face this.

Prices And Discounts

We found PaperWritings prices to be higher than they should have been. One of the issues was that there was an upcharge for seemingly everything. Of course, lack of quality impacted our view as well. We did find the PaperWritings.com discounts page. Unfortunately, there are only two discounts offered. One is for someone paying 500 dollars or more. The other one is for someone paying 1000 dollars or more. We found it absolutely ridiculous that there were no other Paper Writings promo codes other than this. There were no websites offering any sort of PaperWritings coupon code at the time of this review either.

content paper writings

Additional Freebies And Benefits

We can say that this website does have a very impressive blog. The content is relevant and is just what students will want to see. They also offer VIP customer service and plagiarism reports. However, these are premium services. It left a bit of a bitter taste in our mouths when we were confronted with the concept that we needed to pay more money in order to be treated decently. These premium services were followed by PaperWritings testimonials. Without going into too much detail, we can only say that these testimonials seemed to be fake

Do We Recommend it?

No, we do not recommend this writing service. In fact, our PaperWritings.com rating is very low. The issues span from quality to ethics to customer service. Visit this website and check out their blog, but if you want good academic writing, keep looking.

19 customer reviews of PaperWritings.com

recommended this service

Positive: as for me this service is fenial for a student. but I have ordered even CV with cover letter and it was also great. thank you guys for giving a great support when troubles are near.

Negative: Price could be better

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I find their writing too plain. I'm a college sophomore and due to work I look for writing assistance from time to time. Actually, concerning this service, all what's good with them is their price. But personally I prefer paying a bit more but get a paper that won't give you the stress of worrying whether or not it will be accepted since it doesn't have the necessary research, or speaks of general matters instead of diggign in the subject.

Negative: -

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I can't say paperwritings is a bad writing service. They deliver on time and I never faced any grammar issues. However, you shouldn't expect much from them if you are looking for help with major projects like a thesis or dissertation. At least, I wouldn't do that. They are cool in ever-green topic writing, research is not their thing.

Negative: .

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1 comment

Beth commented:

The writer didn't follow my instruction and in the end I got low grades, because my professor told that I didn't listen to his requirements!

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