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Edusson Review by Rated by Students

Right away you know something is different! The whole Edusson.com website looks, different, feels different and somehow, the Golden Gate Bridge stretching out to new horizons acts as a metaphor for both the site and the reasons for using it.

Quality Of The Services Offered

Of course, whatever service you choose to do your writing tasks, it has just one purpose - to put killer papers in your hands, which will get you your grades. Simple. Well not quite.

Edusson.com has looked at the whole industry surrounding writing services and asked how it can be done better.

For example; this is the first site we have seen where you can actually see who is doing the writing - they show photographs of the specialists. The problem is it doesn’t quite work.

They say that they match Aussie writers with Aussie students, for instance, but what happens when there is not a specialist, who is outstanding in their field, from your country - they do not grow aon trees?

Edusson is new in the marketplace, so there are not too many Edusson.com rating scores, Edusson review pages, Edusson reviews, Edusson student reviews or Edusson testimonials out there yet.

Edusson is not safe, at the moment, in our opinion because of the untried nature of the concept.

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Writers And Customer Support Agents

Our experience was chequered. Having a state of the art website is useless without the personnel behind the site being equally state of the art. We found the telephone staff offhand and indifferent. They were almost reluctant to answer questions on aspects of the Edusson.com site, and it’s products, before getting you to register, by leaving your email address. It does not take a genius to work out why they would want that. As if that were not bad enough, they ask you to buy a short test essay, to try out their service, before you commit to the “full service”.

Using the website to find prices was fraught with the same problem; before you can get any information you have to register your details. We do not think that this system is sound. What happens to that information on Edusson.com and why is it necessary just to get a price? All will be revealed ...

You then, basically, present your proposal to the Edusson.com writers and they then bid to do the work. It is an auction. The bids are shown to you and you then select the writer that you want to work for you.

You can then talk directly to the writer to establish the details. So, without having seen this person or knowing their history, you are supposed to engage them based on the pretty scant information available. Other websites vet their writers and do not allow them to work for students unless the satisfy fairly rigorous criteria.

Edusson is not safe in our opinion because of this information gathering system and the uncertainty of exactly what skills your writer possesses.

Additional Freebies and Benefits

Now this is really awkward. When we usually do reviews of pricing structures, on writing services sites, we have a definitive price list.

Edusson prices are simply not available! Displayed prominently on their landing page is “Prices from $7.50” but nowhere does it say what type of paper qualifies for that price.

Edusson.com discounts, if they do them, appear nowhere on the site.

Edusson coupon codes and Edusson promo codes are also non-existent.

Perks, Benefits - Invisibility Cloak?

Nada, nothing, nowt. Seems you take it or leave it with this site.


Well, you have probably drawn your own already.

Edusson is not safe in our opinion for the host of reasons listed above.

Edusson.com is too young a company to have bbb (Better Business Bureau) membership and testimonials and  rating scores do not exist in sufficient numbers for us to be swayed into thinking that this is a good idea.


Up to you of course - but be aware that it is a huge gamble with your future.

12 customer reviews of Edusson.com

recommended this service

Negative: I came across this service when I was out of time and needed to make a research work. The paper wasn’t actually that hard to make so I ordered it from Edusson.com only because I had no time. What kind of fool I was. They sent me that wrong structured so-called research paper full of mistypes. I asked them for the revision, which they claim to be free and they agreed. I don’t know how but they managed to mess the paper even more than it previously was. I asked them for another revision, which let me remind you they claim to be free, and they asked me to pay. In the end I had to write the paper alone in 24 hours. Don’t ever use Edusson.com!

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recommended this service

Positive: I've ordered couple of research papers and a project from the service. It is sort of a freelance site for writers, where you get to communicate and pick the writer you want for the acceptable price. Probably, I was lucky enought with these 3 papers.

Negative: The essays I've ordered the month after my project came in with mistakes, missing out the points that we necessary to cover according my instructions. I told the writers that it was not good enough and it sort of turned into an argument through mail. Eventually I got sick of it. Maybe the luck was not on my side this time, but it discouraged me to have business with these guys.

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recommended this service

Positive: I confess that I use the services often. I am not the writing type and stuff. But as I study in college writing is inevitable. I order many papers from small essays to large and complicated research. I don't need to get all A's so I don't expect the quality to be outstanding. And I like edusson as you can always bargain the price. Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with the writer through support. They make things complicated.So no support here.

Negative: Though make sure you find one good writer as some are not from USA and their English is poor.

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Bailey commented:

You promise zero-plagiarism and I have E for the research work I have ordered because it had a high level of plagiarism. How someone can trust your service after this?

Ryan commented:

Well, the paper was an hour late and it needed a revision, which took another two hours to complete. If you have an urgent order you better look for another service.

Liu commented:

Not having to talk to support is great, however the quality of writing is still to be perfected. missing the deadlines is also NOT cool.

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