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5 Tips when creating your first logo

5 Tips when creating your first logo

In world where branding is the king, having a good logo to promote your business and sell your products is really important. Sure, you may think designing a logo is easy! But designing an eye-catching business logo is a lot more complicated then you think.

Speak to any business owner, they will all tell you the same thing: Having a good logo for your company is crucial.

  • A good logo should:
  • Represent who you are.
  • Symbolize your company’s values.

Be creative enough that people will remember it.

When you are designing your logo for the first time, here’s 5 tips that will help you get it right from the very start.

Your logo should be creative

Showing your company’s creative capabilities is important and should be reflected in your logo design. A client will always trust a creative logo because it is a sign that you are capable of coming up with unique and innovative ideas.

Always think ahead

When designing a logo, you have to think ahead. Even though you’re just getting started, you’re probably going to need stationary products down the line. You’re also going to want to do a bit of marketing and get your name out there on the social networks. You will have to think about how your logo will be seen by others in the years to come. Make sure you design a logo that can be easily adapted to medias, and that will age well with time. For this, it is always recommended to keep it as simple as you can. But more on this later.

Analyze the market before starting

Once you start using your company logo, it becomes part of your company’s identity and will be remembered by your customers. Having a bad logo is the last thing that you want people to remember as a new business. Make sure you analyze what kind of colors, shapes and layouts your competition is using.

Finding the right color balance

It is crucial that you use the right colors for your logo. Having the wrong colors can result in your customers feeling confused and turned off by your logo. Colors are very important, they convey feelings & thoughts. They can be representative of a certain industry or religion for example.

The simpler the better

Making things too complicated with your design isn’t a good idea... It usually leads to confusion. Like we spoke a little earlier, keep it a simple as you can. Adding unwanted graphical elements like lines, pictograms and gizmos will only clutter your logo design. The important thing is getting the message across and making people understand what line of work you are in. Whatever style of logo you wish to design for your company. Keep in mind these 5 tips and you will be on your way to designing a good logo. Now it’s time for you to start creating your own logo. A logo that is representative of your work and ideas is a good start