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Looking For Student Accommodation?

Moving away from your home, your family and friends can be difficult, especially if haven’t found a place to live. Finding student accommodation in London can be hard (but not impossible) because the prices for a rent are higher than you probably expect. London has the greatest universities from around the world, and the prices of the rent shouldn’t scare you. Also, this city has a powerful historical and artistic background that may inspire you. Culture has a significant role in the life of Londoners.

If you’ve been accepted to one of London’s universities, and you’re trying to find accommodation London, you should consider student halls.

find student accommodation

If you are a social person, and you enjoy the idea of meeting new and interesting people, then you should move into a student hall. Here you can meet people from all over the world, and you can have fun. The prices for a room in a student hall may be higher than for a room in a shared flat, but the experience makes the difference. In student halls, you share the facilities with the other colleagues. Also, there are common rooms where you can spend your time with your friends. Student halls in London are divided in 2: private student halls owned by companies and student halls owned by the university. Raed about their Pros & Cons in this RatedbyStudents article.

Private student halls & university student halls

As you may expect, university student halls have lower prices than the private ones. One great thing about university buildings is the fact that they are close to the university. So you don’t have to spend money or waste time on transportation. There are plenty of students who want to live in a room from a university hall, so complete your application as soon as you can. In 2013, if you wanted to secure a room, you had to make a deposit between 200 pounds and 500 pounds. The average price for a room is between 60 and 120 pounds. In this price is included security, Wi-Fi and utility bills.

Private student halls have better conditions than the university ones, but they are also more expensive.  If you didn’t get a room in a university hall, you can choose one from a private hall. If you want to stay at a private student hall, you can stay at Independent Student Living, Victoria Hall or APT Student Living. You have to pay 140 pounds a week if you decide to rent a room here.

Students who are in their first year prefer to live in a student hall because they need to adjust to student life, and they want to make new friends.

House share

If you’re still trying to find student accommodation, you can rent a room in a flat or house share. If you’ve made a group of friends while you were in your first year, you can move in one of these rooms. In London, there are areas where most of the students live. It sounds like a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be very noisy. If you decide to move into a house share, you’ll have to sign a Tenancy Agreement (a contract made between you and the landlord).

find accommodation london

How can you find out about these rooms? Universities have an Accommodation Office, and you can call there to find more information concerning the rooms in a house share. Or you can search them on an online student portal or websites reviews.

Many of the house shares have 4 or 5 rooms displayed on floors, so it’s possible that you will live with other students if your group is smaller. In many cases, the cost of the first month is also the deposit. If you choose a house that is outside of London, you can pay between 300 and 400 pounds a month and if it’s in London, the cost starts from 550 pounds a month.  The utility bills are not included in the rent. You will have to pay between 40 and 100 pounds.

Learning how to find accommodation in London is certainly a challenge, but it’s worth it. Try to visit any place before you rent it. Read the contracts carefully and choose a good area for your interests.