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Websites that Write Papers for You Almost for Free

Isn’t it amazing how nowadays, if you lack the knowledge or time to deal with an assignment, you can just seek out sites that write papers and get the essay? It’s one of the best things to exist for students. But although it is so useful, it isn’t without disadvantages. In fact, not only you’ll have to struggle to find a trustworthy website, but you’ll also have to pay to get your paper. People with barely any money during their years as a student will find this very difficult to deal with. 

Are there any companies that write papers for students for free? Can you at least find services that have very cheap services? Check out this article, and you’ll find out the answer. 

Is It Possible to Get Help from an Essay Writing Service for Free? 

Now, you’re probably ready to use Google and start searching for the best essay writing service for free. The fact that so many students wish they didn’t have to pay for such services is not surprising – many of them are either living with the little money their parents are giving them or work for jobs that don’t pay them too much. And even if they are paid enough, the money usually goes to their studies and living expenses. 

With that in mind, just think that your time to write essays is little to non-existent and that you don’t have the best knowledge or English skills to be able to write the paper. You also don’t have too much money. What do you do? Is it true that legit websites that write papers can do it for you for free?

As much as you’d like it to be true, you cannot work with the best website for research paper for free. You’ll stumble upon many sites that are advertising themselves as free, but when you access them, you will still find a form you have to fill out, which shows the price for the essay. If you don’t pay then, you’ll have to pay the writer before they start the process. 

After all, no experienced writer is going to use their time, knowledge, and skills to write and get nothing in return. For all the years they spent studying and polishing their skills, they need to be paid. 

Companies That Create Papers for Low Prices

While you cannot find legit companies that write college papers for you for free, you can surely find some that write them for almost free, more specifically for very small prices. What you need to do is look at multiple websites and compare their offers for writing, and thus find the best and cheapest one out of the bunch. 

Below we’ll show you a few services that you can try out. They’re not free, though – you’ll have to pay for the writing. 

  • SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper is an available option when you search for writing companies on Google. The platform can offer multiple types of papers, such as essays, cover letters, dissertations, and a few others. It’s a good thing to see, although it’s hard to say if all the writers will have the expected performance for all services. 

The prices for their papers range, the lowest being $9 and the highest being $99 per page. This differs according to the deadline and academic level. $9 per page applies when you need a high school essay written with a 20-day deadline. The price goes higher if the academic level is advanced and if the deadline is shorter. Besides, pricing for editing, proofreading, multiple-choice questions, problem-solving, and other services will be different. It can become a little confusing to look through so many prices.

  • TrustMyPaper

TrustMyPaper is also a website that writes research papers for you for very small prices. Depending on various factors, the price for your essay will be calculated depending on various factors such as the academic level, deadline, paper type, service type, and the number of pages. One page for an essay written from scratch for the high school level will only cost $12.99 per page if the deadline is 14 days. Of course, it increases if the deadline is shorter. 

If you’re a new customer, you have 17% off your first order, so you’ll end up paying less than the actual price. Isn’t that great?

Final Thoughts

Finding places that write papers for you for free isn’t possible, but you can find reliable and cheap ones that are very convenient too. Some have their free features that you can use or may have discounts that decrease the price considerably. Make sure to check out reviews for more writing services and compare them to find the best one. And if you end up writing your own paper, yet your English is not the best, you can use PaperRater, a free grammar checker, which can also check for plagiarism in your work.