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How to Discover If Your Paper Is Plagiarized

One of the biggest fears of any student is to submit a plagiarized paper. This is a big no-no for any task, and it will definitely get you in trouble. If you ever thought “how to find plagiarism in my paper,” you are clearly not the first one. In order to avoid any plagiarism related problems, you should learn a few essential tips.

how to find plagiarism

How to Find Plagiarism

Finding plagiarism in student papers is a real nightmare, especially when this issue is discovered by your school or teacher. But when you find it first, you can take care of the problem and make sure you hand in an original paper. In a nutshell, if there is any plagiarized content in your essay, you should be the one to find it, not your instructors. And then, work on eliminating the copied paragraphs.

But how can you do this? The most secure way to do this is to verify your paper before submitting it. But now, you may ask yourself how to check if your work is plagiarized.

To check your article, you should use special software. There are numerous types of detection software that can provide a detailed report on plagiarized sections from your essay. For instance, most of these programs let you know what part of your paper is plagiarized and where else can its content be found, too. If you take a paragraph from a book or website, this software will reveal the source of it.

Also, they can show you the percentage of the copied content. In the case of some papers, especially the more elaborate ones, a small proportion is accepted, because there may be technical phrases you should use just as they are. However, you should first talk to your instructor and find out what are the rules regarding plagiarism for your article. When it comes to an essay, most probably you have to hand in a paper that is 100% original.

Nowadays, most people can access this kind of detection software. Even though some of them ask for a certain fee, you will also find plenty of free plagiarism checkers on the Internet. And fortunately, most of them are reliable and accurate.

These tools are excellent for both students and teachers, but also for content writers, bloggers, authors, etc., who want to verify the originality of their pieces. In the case of people publishing their work online, they should know that plagiarism-free content is a must if they want to have a great ranking. In other words, if you want search engines to show your articles in the first results, you have to publish original content.

If you want to check your paper for plagiarism online, you could use the following tools:

  • DupliChecker
  • CopyLeaks
  • Grammarly
  • Plagscan
  • Article Checker
  • PlagiarismCheck
  • Plagium
  • PaperRater
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Plagiarisma.net
  • Webconf
  • DMCA scan
  • Viper
  • Plagtracker

Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism

If you want to find out how not to plagiarize, you should understand first how plagiarism works. Every paragraph you copy-paste from somewhere will appear as copied. But this also happens in the case of smaller text sections, for instance, a phrase. Here is what you should do to make sure your paper is 100% original when checked for plagiarism.

  • Keep your notes separate from your drafts

Many students copy-paste some fragments when they take notes, and then use these pieces of writing as their drafts. Especially if you also use your words when noting down other ideas, you will have a hard time knowing which notes are already paraphrased, and which are not. This is why you should keep your notes and drafts separately.

  • Always paraphrase

When you write about a topic which was already debated thousands of times before, no one is asking you to come up with a brand new idea. Still, when you have your paper checked, it has to be original. How can you do this? Rephrase any idea you use from your research resources. If you check and notice that some fragments are plagiarized, paraphrase them, and you will solve the problem.

how to find plagiarism in my paper

  • Use quotation marks

In some cases, you need to quote directly from one source. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you use quotation marks correctly and cite the source.

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