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Terms and Conditions for Use of Our RatedbyStudents.com Website

This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of both our company and visitors and/or users of our website, RatedbyStudents.com. You are urged to read through this document very carefully, because once you access our website, you are automatically boiund by all of these terms and conditions.

  1. Important Definitions

Parties to this Agreement

  1. The terms “you,” “your” and “yourself” refer to any person who comes to our website for any reason.
  2. The terms “we,” “us,” “our/ours,” or “ourselves” refer to the owners, administrators, and employees, or those affiliated with the Ratedbytudents.com website.

Other Definitions

  1. Content = any words, text, images, photos and other media that is found on the RatedbyStudents.com website.
  2. Website = the RatedbyStudents.com website and anything housed on that site
  3. User Content = any words, text, images, photos, videos, graphics, etc. that a user has posted on the website.
  4. “third party” = anyone who has published any type of content on the website with origins known or unknown and who is not defined as a “user” of the website, but whose content is available to users of the website.
  1. Amendments

The website and/or its authorized administrators, employees or affiliates may make changes to this document at any time and without prior warning. Changes go into effect as soon as they are published on the website, and it is the user’s responsibility to become aware of these changes. As soon as the changes are published, they are binding on anyone who accesses or uses the website.

  1. Use of the RatedbyStudents.com Website

  1. Eligibility: to access and use our website, an individual must be 18 years of age and legally able to enter into agreements.
  2. Permission: the website reserves the right to grant permission of use and to remove that permission when it deems appropriate and necessary.
  3. Risk: all visitors and users access the website and make use of its content or publish content at their own risk. Neither the website nor its owners, administrators, employees or affiliates are responsible for any consequences to a visitor or user as a result of accessing and making any use of the website. This includes accessing content or information that is false and then using it.
  4. Changes, Suspensions, Disruptions: The website has the right to change its content, procedures, processes, to suspend operations, or to disrupt service at any time without prior notification.
  5. Personal Accounts: All users must set up a personal account with minimum profile requirements, in order to access and make use of our content. Such accounts are password-protected. If a user decides to share his/her password with anyone else, we are not responsible for any consequences. The website may close any account for cause.
  6. One Account Only: users may only have one account on our website. If a user attempts to set up an account under a false name and it is discovered, the user will be banned from further access to the website, and all accounts will be permanently closed.
  7. Notifications: Setting up an account automatically binds a user to receiving notifications from the website. Further information on this is found in the website Privacy Policy.
  1. User Published Content

  1. All users are responsible for the content they publish on the website. That content becomes public as soon as it is published and therefore cannot be removed from all places on the website.
  2. If a user publishes false content or content that has been plagiarized, or content that violates any laws, the website administrators will take all action deemed appropriate and necessary, which may include closing accounts, banning further use, and notifying appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  3. No Exclusive Rights: users understand that, once they publish content, they do not have exclusive rights to that content. It becomes public and the website has all authority over its use.
  4. Copyright to Site-Published Content: All content that is published by the website itself becomes the exclusive right of the website. No one may use that content anywhere else for either commercial or non-commercial purposes without being in violation of copyright laws. The website will prosecute anyone violating copyright law.
  5. Advertisements: the website has the right to publish advertisements or any other content in space surrounding user-published content.
  6. Use of Content from RSS and/or Atom Feeds: should the website publish content through these venues, users may reproduce that content on their own websites and social media pages. However, attribution to our website must be provided. As well, publishing such content does not in any way mean that we approve of or endorse any other content you may publish on such sites.
  7. Access to Your Content: anyone visiting or using our website will have access to your content and the right to use your content.
  1. Policies and Guidelines

  1. Users agree that they have read and understand all of the terms and condition that are included in this document.
  2. We will share information about you to third parties as we deem necessary or in accordance with any law enforcemtn agency.
  3. We will take legal action should we believe that you have engaged in illegal activity or violated any laws of any jurisdiction. We will also cooperate with any law enforcement agency in its investigation of you.
  4. We abide by the regulations of the Digital millennium copyright Act. You may access information about these regulations at http://www.lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/legislation/dmca.pdf.
  5. If we believe that any user had violated copyright law, we will remove suspect content and close the user account. The user has the right of appeal by contacting the site administrators.
  6. Should a user believe that another uses has violated any laws through publishing any content, that user is obligated to notify the website administrators so that appropriate investigation and action can be taken.
  7. Of we determine that copyright law has been violated, we will notify the owner of the content and provide the user information to that owner.
  1. Third Party Presence on Our Website

We reserve the right to publish advertisements, apps, and links to other sites on our website. Doing so does not mean that we endorse any product, service or content of these third parties. If a user links to another site from our website, our protections, policies and terms are no longer in effect. A user links to such sites at his/her own risk.

  1. Indemnity and Hold Harmless Clause

All users agree to hold harmless and indemnify the RatedbyStudents.com website, its owners, administrators, employees and affiliates for any consequences, legal or otherwise that may occur from using our website. The same applies to any third parties whose products, services and content the user may access, use or purchase. Any legal fees incurred by our website due to user activity on our website will be borne by the user.

  1. Changes or Termination of these Terms and conditions

We have the right to change, amend, or terminate this document or any of its specific terms without any notification. We also have the right to terminate and fully block any user or user content.


If these Terms and conditions are either suspended or terminated, all user content remains the property of the website.

  1. Entire Agreement

The terms that are provided in this document are the full terms and conditions of the use of the RatedbyStudents.com website. Should we change or amend any of these terms, we will publish such changes on our website, and they will go into effect upon publication.


Should we amend or remove any specific terms of this agreement, all other terms and conditions remain valid and in effect. Further, if any legal entity should determine that any of these terms are unlawful, all other terms remain in effect.