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How Essay Writing Services Reviews Work

Essay writing services reviews work towards one ultimate goal and that is to help you find the best academic writing help for you. They hire dedicated people who will scour the Internet for existing essay writing services and rate them accordingly.

For students who are new in hiring academic writing help and who do not have any idea as to which of the many services to hire, it is best to read some reviews first so you are able to compare and contrast them without having to dissect each service company yourself.

how essay writing services reviews work

A good review should assess the following components of an essay writing service:

  1. Services offered

Review companies check whether the service is as comprehensive as the other or if they specialize in a certain field. The major categories for a writing service are academic, business, and resume. All these categories ideally have sub-categories with their respective description. Some review companies group these service companies according to the services they offer so it is easier for students to browse through the lists.

  1. Quality

A good and reliable review company means they will go as far as actually buying the services offered by the service companies. This is to ensure that they actually get a first-hand experience of the company itself and review their services in the flesh. By pretending to be consumers, they get to have the overall experience and are better equipped at making reviews for the service companies.

  1. Writers

Review companies go through every page of the website to check whether they actually provide information with regard to their writers. This information includes their educational background, years of experience, expertise, and sample papers. Using any possible mode, they also try to contact the writers to see whether they are responsive and reliable.

  1. Prices

Whether we admit it or not, the price of the products and services is a very important factor. It can even be a make or break for some. The majority of the service companies offer a minimum price which increases according to the academic level required by the student or buyer. This is, of course, just one of the factors that affect pricing. Others include the type of service ordered and the deadline set by the customer.

  1. Discounts

Customers are always looking for ways in which they can save up money for whatever expenses they have. This one is included. Review companies scour for these discounts and promotional codes for consumers to easily find; even going as far as to providing them the code themselves. The majority of the service companies offer a graduating discount system where the percentage of discount increases as the number of pages increase. They also often provide a discount code for first-time users.

  1. Customer support

Most service companies claim to have 24/7 customer support available through various modes. Review companies put this information to the test by actually calling in various times and through various modes to ensure that the customer support is actually available ‘round the clock. This is also a chance to check whether they are well-informed about the products and services they are selling.

how online essay writing services reviews work

  1. Customer testimonials

Aside from their personal findings, they also scour the Internet for customer feedback and testimonials. The majority of these review companies do not rely solely on internal testimonials, which is a good move from them. After all, external testimonials appear to be more honest than the former.

The following are the standard components that review companies often assess although if there are additional features, they also acknowledge them accordingly. At the end of the review, these companies also provide an overall rating in which they either recommend the service company or not.