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Why Using Research Paper Writing Service Rather Is Better and Safer than Freelance?

You need help with a tough research paper assignment. Your first thought is to do some research, read reviews, and find a company that offers online research paper writing. Then, you think to yourself, why not hit up Craigslist and find a freelance writer to do this for me? After all, there must be some English major who wants to make a couple of bucks.

This probably isn’t a good idea. If you need research paper help or other academic writing services, you should think very hard about this. It is much better to use a research paper writing service than hire a freelancer. Here are four reasons why this is the case.

  1. Freelancers Rarely Specialize in Academic Writing

A freelancer may be willing to take on an academic writing service, but that’s just not their specialty. In fact, they may not have anymore expertise in writing research papers than you do. For example, they may be flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to citation formats, bibliographies, and research methodologies.

In addition to this, because they aren’t known in academic writing circles, you won’t find research paper writing service reviews on very many freelancers. Basically, there is no way to verify academic expertise or determining whether or not your freelancer has established a good reputation as an academic writing specialist.

use research paper writing service rather than freelance

  1. A Freelancer Won’t Offer The Same Guarantees

A good writing service has a team in place to handle heavy workloads. They can spare writers when you need revisions. They are able to absorb losses when you are entitled to a refund or credit because your paper was not delivered on time.

This is rarely the case with an independent freelancer. They simply are not able to offer the same guarantees that a reputable writing service can. You are better off using a writing service that you have researched by reading research paper writing service reviews.

  1. They May Not Have The Experience You Need

Okay, we’ll give freelancers this. Many of them can probably crank out a basic essay or research paper for a high school or early college student. Bio 101, Eng Comp 101, etc. are one thing. But, if you really believe you can trust a freelancer to write an advanced chem research paper, you are definitely setting yourself up for disappointment.

Because writing services have a team of writers from various academic backgrounds, etc. they are able to meet customer’s needs regardless of any external factors. This means that if your assignment is complex or at an advanced grade level, the writing service will be able to meet your needs much more easily than a freelancer.

  1. A Paper Writing Service Has More Resources

A good writing service is much more than just a team of writers. They have QA staff, editors, and proofreaders to ensure that the work done on your research paper is perfect. They also have access to tools such as plagiarism scanning software. It’s pretty unlikely that a freelance writer will have access to that when they may only do academic writing on occasion.


Freelance writers are a great resource. However, when it comes to research papers and other types of academic work, you are much better off going with a highly rated paper writing service. They are simply better equipped to meet your  needs.