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Do You Want to Learn How to Cheat Turnitin Software? Here’s a Reality Check

Do You Want to Learn How to Cheat Turnitin Software? Here’s a Reality Check



Turnitin has become the software of choice among teachers and professors. As a student you have probably submitted plenty of papers through your turnitin student portal. Now, you are wondering how to cheat turnitin. Well, if you came here to read a variety of tips and techniques for cheating turnitin.com, you may be a bit disappointed. Yes, we will go into a bit of detail on how to cheat on turnitin, but mostly we’re going to talk about why attempting to learn how to cheat turnitin.com is a pretty bad idea. Don’t worry though, we have some great alternative suggestions for you.

Be Careful About The Information You Use When Learning How to Turnitin Cheat

The turnitin software and website is being continually upgraded. This means that the tricks someone learned on how to cheat turnitin in 2014 are going to be much different than the tricks someone used to cheat turnitin in 2012. Chances are, none of those techniques will work for students learning how to cheat in turnitin today.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind before you Google ‘turnitin how to cheat’. All of the information you find on how to cheat turnitin UK or US is common knowledge. Not only do you know about, other students know about it, and so do the developers at turnitin.com. You can be absolution sure that any turnitin cheat that you find has likely been rendered useless by the coders who write this plagiarism scanning software. If you are going to try and cheat turnitin using a method that is more than a couple of months old, your turnitin.com cheat attempt will be foiled.

Still Thinking About Cheating Turnitin? Consider The Risks

Okay, let’s say you review all of the ways to cheat turnitin, and you are convinced that this is what you want to do. Please think twice. If your turnitin cheats do not work, you could be in real trouble. There is not much worse that can happen to a student than to be accused of academic dishonesty. Is it really worth cheating turnitin.com?

Your reputation could be ruined in your chosen field for a lifetime. You could be expelled or suspended from school. You may be subject to a lawsuit over copyright infringement. You will certainly fail the assignment. You will likely fail the course. Your academic record will be tarnished forever. You will also have to face family and friends over your poor decision. Is tricking turnitin really worth it?

If You Are Still Interested in Learning How to Trick Turnitin Here Are a Few Methods

First a disclaimer. We do not endorse any of these turnitin tricks. In fact, we strongly discourage anyone from using them. We do not guarantee they will work. In fact, we believe it is virtually impossible to trick turnitin. If you use these methods, we are not responsible for any legal, personal, job related, or academic consequences.

One common method students use as a turnitin trick is to place macros within their documents. Other students submit PDF documents where they have manipulated code. We will not provide the exact details required to do this. Other methods such as placing plagiarized text in image files are also common.

A Better Solution to Turnitin Trick Attempts

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