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5 Ways to Beat Turnitin for Students

5 Ways to Beat Turnitin for Students



“Originality is undetected plagiarism.”

-William Ralph Inge




If you are a student wanting to cheat their way through college, you’re probably driven insane by Turnitin. The moment you hear your teacher saying, “Hand in your essay, and I’ll check it through Turnitin,” you already see yourself during retake exams. You start thinking, “is there a way to cheat Turnitin?”  There is! Learn how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin.

Students are inventive.

They’re desperate enough to come up with solutions for anything. Not only that, but students also love a challenge. Throw up a barrier like plagiarism prevention software, and many students will immediately embark on a mission to learn how to beat Turnitin. And since we are all part of a fellowship, here are some Turnitin tricks we gathered from students for you.

Use them carefully, and you will cheat any anti-plagiarism software, even Turnitin.

How Does Turnitin Work?

Before you learn how to lower Turnitin scores, it’s important to understand how all of this works. The first thing to understand is that Turnitin only provides information. They do not state one way or another that a paper is a plagiarism or if it is original. Instead, it provides a score that indicates the amount of content in your paper that matches or is strikingly similar to other papers in its database. In order to evaluate a paper, the software compares it to papers students have uploaded, newspaper and magazine articles, and other publicly available texts.

It is up to your professor or your school to determine where to set an acceptable threshold. For example, your instructor may decide that papers must have a Turnitin score of 20% or lower. The idea, of course, is that a lower score means less likelihood of plagiarism.

Shouldn’t the score be zero? Not really. There are so many commonly used words and phrases. Then, when you dig into unique subjects, a limited vocabulary and phrasing that is used to describe things. Using these is not plagiarism. That’s why there is always some ‘wiggle room’.

Disclaimer: Proceed With Caution

Turnitin is a sophisticated piece of software that is frequently updated. Rest assured that the folks who develop this app are very much aware of the tactics that students use to try to prevent the tool from detecting plagiarism. Because of this, you can be certain that there will always be upcoming changes to make Turnitin software even smarter and more difficult to fool.

Bottom line: A friend or fellow student may give you a ‘surefire’ method for beating this program today. And that method may have worked for them. However, all it takes is one upgrade, and that trick could stop working. The same applies to the techniques described here. This is for informational purposes only. We do not endorse or guarantee that any of these will work. Finally, keep in mind that a technique here might work initially but fail to work if any changes or updates are made to Turnitin.

1. Rewrite everything

rephrase everything



Turnitin, just like most plagiarism detectors, only catches sentences with the same structure. So if you want to trick it into believing your text is actually original with no connections to anything else, you need to rephrase everything. And if you look at it the other way, you’re not actually doing anything illegal; you’re “working your way through your essay,” aren’t you?

Just remember all of those English classes where your teacher told you to rephrase this and that. You’ll only be using your knowledge the way they want — for a good grade.

Not to mention that if you rewrite everything yourself, you’ll actually be learning from it as well. Thus, one of the most effective ways to beat Turnitin is to rewrite all the information you take from different sources. You basically make it unique, and none of the anti-plagiarism tools will detect the similarity.

This is probably the first technique students use as they learn how to get around Turnitin. Think about it. You don’t need any special software or coding skills. It’s also the most academically honest approach. 

2. Swap the letters




One possible way to cheat Turnitin is by replacing common characters with those from other languages.

For instance, if you want to write an e, you can replace it with an è that looks pretty much the same. The trick would be to get your text, enter the “Find” field, and replace “e” with constructions such as “e~” or “ee.” Some text structures are identical in many other languages; for example, the Cyrillic “e” looks exactly like the Latin “e.”

Check the language sets and look for similar structures in the alphabet so that you can use them. Words with at least one letter taken from the other languages are considered foreign, and Turnitin will not detect them as plagiarized.

3. Make it a PDF

make it a pdf



Students claim you can evade Turnitin by messing around with the internal structure of the PDF text. You may change it in such a way that it can be easily read by your professors, but impossible to read by a machine.

For example, if you want to know how to cheat Turnitin software, using Macros can get you around easily. By entering the structure of the text, you can modify it so that your teacher will see the plagiarized, albeit original-looking text, and Turnitin will see something that looks completely original.

So if you wonder how to not get caught plagiarizing on Turnitin, try using this trick. It has to work out pretty well!

4. Turn it into an image

turn it into an image



Many students claim that Turnitin can be fooled by adding pictures of the text in the document. Does this really work for students learning how to not get caught plagiarizing on Turnitin? Read below, and decide for yourself.

The theory is that since it will not find any actual text, the software will go right past it and onto the next text. Be careful to add some text, though; otherwise, Turnitin will only see it as an empty document and reject it. As long as it is accompanied by other texts, in theory, there is no way for you to go wrong with this. It is a great method if you only use a part of the information from internet sources or if you rewrite some text.

5. Get some help from paper writing services

get help from paper writing service



If you want to know how to get past Turnitin, but you don’t want to write the entire thing yourself, you can go for the “have someone else write my assignment” option. While some students have continuously asked themselves how to trick Turnitin, others have already found the best solution: calling on writing companies. Because technically, since you’re paying for it, you’ll be the one who “wrote” it, isn’t that right? 

While the risk of getting a plagiarized paper from such a website is still high, there are also services out there that are careful enough to give 100% original papers from the start. As a rule, you can always ask for a Turnitin report at these writing services, so you will get proof that the paper is not plagiarized. Thus, you won’t have to look for ways to cheat Turnitin anymore! Ultimately, this is a much lower risk choice than attempting to learn how to bypass Turnitin.

Check for the best online paper writing services reviews on RatedByStudents and choose one that suits your needs the most! We have made a lot of reviews of different writing services in order to detect scam companies and to define really trustworthy ones. You can also ask for a review of a specific service if you haven’t found it on Rated By Students, and we will check it for you! There are a lot of experienced and professional writers who will help you out, and you will never have to worry again about how to bypass Turnitin.

These are the clever tricks that students have used to evade the evil eye of Turnitin and passed down from generation to generation so that their legacy can be just as successful. If you want to know how to avoid Turnitin, you just need to be careful enough and find which method is easier for you.

However, keep in mind that plagiarizing is still frowned upon and that we will not be held responsible if you get caught. If you want to be successful, you need to be as careful as an undercover spy — or just write the whole assignment from the beginning. 

Remember that there is always risk in attempting to trick the system, and avoid doing your work. It can be helpful to learn how to fool Turnitin, but use that knowledge with care. Make sure you are doing it for a good reason, and also hold yourself to high standards. If you are failing to learn the material, maybe you should rethink things.

There is also always a possibility to order a paper from expert writers. Thus, you will get a unique paper without any extra effort, and not a single anti-plagiarism tool will threaten you.