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10 tools to make perfect content for your social media

10 tools to make perfect content for your social media

Becoming the popular kid on the block!

Today, you, like many social media users want your page, site, or blog to be popular, and that takes the savvy to navigate and use the best of the plethora of tools available out there to help you. When choosing these tools keep in mind that you need time in your day to do other things that are important also, like making money to live.

In order to continue with building a popular social media presence, and keeping up with your life outside of the computer world, there are several tools that help build that great social presence you desire without you having to take too much time out of your day. Here are several favorites that have made it to the top of our lists:

1. PageModo

You can start by adding this tool to your Facebook page to give it that extra special vibrancy when your fan-base arrives. Whether you are a newbie to the social media world or a long time user, you will be attracted to the user friendly features that this tool provides. Do you have a team that uses your pages? No sweat. PageMODO allows teams to have their own account profiles at no extra charge. You can try if for free before deciding on their premium service. Update your business or organizations social presence today.


You are busy blogging but you are adding something that you don’t want to take the time to stop and Tweet to your followers but you want to get it to them NOW! Well use Twibble and your fans won’t have to wait until you are done with your post. Twibble will deliver your Tweets right from your blog, and the best thing about it is, you can schedule when the tweets go out. Yup! Yup! Had to say that twice when finding out about this service. Now your fans can share what you share with them faster than before!

3. PostPlanner

You must keep in mind that engagement is the key to building the popularity of your social media site. You must get tired of looking all over the Internet for content, well PostPlanner takes care of that for you. PostPlanner goes across the Web digging up the content that engages your fans and potential customers. Posting only the best of the best content will bring them to your site and engage them in reading what is relevant to your business or organization, not just fluff. You will be like the person behind the ice-cream counter with all the best flavors and you just click what you want for your fans, and serve it up!

4. Social Oomph

Oomph is just want you need when trying to get your site down that popularity lane. Juggling through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other outlets can take time away from the joy of your social media experience. SocialOomph takes the hassle out of that chore by scheduling, monitoring, and best of all choosing the content you are interested in to follow.

5. Social Count

Freebie and oh so reliably sneaky! This may be the easiest way to find out what other sites are engaged in and may be the best tip in the whole list. Just drop in your competitor’s website and viola’ you get instant gratification by finding out what it is that makes their website so popular. Go on, get this!

6. Snip.ly

You share a link, and on that link there is a call to action to go on to the next link. Snip.ly is just that, a small little snip of information that is attached to each and every message you answer or send off. This little tool is growing fast and liked by so many because of the simplicity behinds its use. It also comes with user friendly options that create personal themes, colors and enhance your branding.


You love Pinterest, but you love Instagram too. This tool will make your life so much easier and the lives of your too. With Tailwind you can schedule your pins, and through its analyzation properties you can see which of your pins are being re-pinned. You can find out who is following your pins and with this tool you can combine Instagram photos with Pinterest posts. To put a cherry on top of this little tool, it will send you reminders of what needs to be organized within your pages. What are you waiting for? Go check this out!

8. Studio

You have got this great pic, and you want to have great fonts to add to it. Some design properties that will make your fans want them too? Then click on that link and go get Studio. It is not only one of the best tools to increase the popularity of your site, it is fun to use. One of the best features found in many of these tools that this one offers is that it is so easy to use it is recommended for kids, and it is also team friendly.

9. Atomic Reach

What you do not want is to arrive at a site and have your eyes attacked by copy that is not only boring, but the grammar sucks. (I am a bibliophile and I could not think of any other word that fits bad grammar.) With todays’ super apps that are used for fixing bad grammar, there is no reason for anyone to write like they just don’t care about who is reading their content. This is how your fans will feel if they come to your site and are confronted with bad grammar. Atomic Reach will analyze your copy for you, and provide a writing score, to show you where you may need improvements.

10. Smart Podcast

There are a thousand and one ways to reach your audience but a podcast is one that has become the most personable way there is. Your best asset online is you. If you want to be popular, put your face and voice out there so your fans get a chance to build up trust and get to know you. This podcast plugin is versatile and packed with features and a staff that is readily available to help with set up if needed. Check this one out!

There will be many changes on the Internet as we sit and breathe, so this list will always be updated with the greatest and latest tools that can be used on your website to enhance it. Give your fans something to stay for, and you can be sure that they will be coming back and bringing their friend with them. Start the party!