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The Best 5 Apps to Train and Test Your Brain

The Best 5 Apps to Train and Test Your Brain

Top 5 Applications for Training Your Brain

Have you ever wondered how powerful your mind is? Have you wanted to somehow test your mental abilities but weren’t sure how? There are applications to help you with this. Brain teasers, puzzles, and riddle are necessary. They make you think and consistently give your mind the workout it needs. Here are the top x apps for training and teasing your brain.


Is an app available on Itunes and Google play. This application combines both subjective scientific techniques that come from the Human Cognition Project, along with a gamified approach that helps to provide those who use the application with brain-training puzzles and mini-games that are not only fun but also very effective when exercising your mentality. Those who use the app can create their very own lumosity account, and from that point, they can select certain mental areas that they want to train. From this information, the application creates a customized daily exercise which includes mini-games built around the areas you have chosen. As you complete each mini-game, Lumosity keeps track of your scores and adjusts the difficulty of each game to keep up with your growing performance levels. This is to ensure that no matter how much you play the game you will always feel as though you are being challenged. You can choose between being a free user or subscriber. If you decide to play for free, you will be able to access a certain set of daily exercises. While if you are a subscriber you will receive even more features and activities.


Neuronation is an application that is available for Android and IOS, and it is yet another one of these scientifically based brain training apps. Neuronation, much like Lumosity takes up a gaming approach when exercising to improve your mental functions. Users who sign up for a free account get to complete a quick checklist and test, which set up their goals and measure their aptitudes. Those who use NeuroNation can practice and train their minds with a variety of puzzles and other exercises that challenge your short term memory, perception, math skills, and reasoning. Neuronation also offers some more focused courses that narrow down in using your memory, as well as general intelligence, and focus, which is included in the premium content. If you wish to purchase any expanded or premium content, you can simply unlock it through Neuronation’s in-app purchases.


Peak is another application available for both Android and IOS devices, which combines brain science, and puzzles to give its users a full intellectual work out. Peak uses puzzles and other mini-games to test the user’s ability to focus, short-term memory, mental speed and agility and improve problem-solving and language skills. Every time you use the app on a regular basis, Peak will provide you with a variety of performance measurements to help you see your improvements over time. If you are a free user, you can access a daily selection of puzzles and exercises while if you are a premium user, you will be able to access the full range of exercises that are available, in addition to your performance measurements and personalized plans.

Fit Brains Trainer

Rosetta Stone the software famous for being one of the world’s greatest methods of learning a new language also has its brain training app, which is also known as Fit Brains Trainer. The app is a brain-training program with a strong variety of features. Available for both Android and iOs devices, Fit Brains presents over 300 puzzles, games, and other mind training methods that are designed to improve your memory and concentration, along with many other mental skills. Fit Brains uses a specially designed score system which allows the user to see their improved performances with each mental skill. The application uses the information from these scores to adjust the difficulty concerning your progress.

Cognifit Brain Fitness

Like most of these other programs, Cognifit uses both neuroscience, and a gamified approach to make exercising your mind fun. The app allows the user to complete a series of exercises to test their mental abilities, which leads to them training further in mental fields such as sharpening memory, and focus skills. You can personalize your training, or you can simply play the games. Another interesting feature that this game brings to you it that it challenges you to beat your previous scores.


Written by Jonathan Emmen