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5 Ways to Cope if you Get a D in your Course?

5 Ways to Cope if you Get a D in your Course?

Getting a D grade even in just one course in college can be a clear indication that you are in trouble. It means you are performing poorly in your academics. It may be because you are having difficulties with your studies or because of some personal problems. Whatever the reason may be, getting a D in your course may bring negative consequences that you have to face before you fail out of college.

So what happens next? Can you pass a college course with a D? How do you cope?

Earn extra credits

In many course programs, you may be allowed to work for extra credits to pull up your D. It is best that you ask your professors for recommendations on how you can pull up your grade. You can ask for special projects or papers. Every point counts.

Make sure you are covered financially

If you were given a financial aid or scholarship grant by your university, you should know that you must meet the grade requirements. Getting a D can cause you to lose your scholarship or financial aid. Contact your funder and tell them about your predicament. You must be upfront about your situation and maybe you can ask for recommendations and options so you won’t lose your scholarship or financial aid.

In some cases, they put students who failed to meet the grade requirements on either probationary or financial suspension. If the latter happens to you, make sure you cover your financial bases. Consider taking a part-time job until you get reinstated.

Tell your family and trusted friends.

It can be disappointing to get a D in your course when you worked sleepless nights to study and finish your requirements. You may feel sad and depressed about it and that’s when you need your support system that is your family and friends. They can help you cope and maybe even loan you money if you get a financial suspension.

Do better next time.

If you ask yourself, “Does a D pass in college?” or “Can you pass college with a D?” the answer is yes, you can. F is a failing grade. But one point could mean a difference between D and F. It could be your wake-up call to do better next time if you do not want to fail your course or fail out of college.

Learn how to balance and prioritize

If you want to do better next time, you must learn how to balance and prioritize your tasks. Make a plan and stick to it. This includes taking care of your health. Sometimes college students tend to neglect their health to meet the demands of both academic and social life. This can cause health issues that may affect your class attendance, which inevitably result in getting a low grade in your course. Eat a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, and make sure to have the time for exercise. Moderate your caffeine and alcohol intake especially if you frequently attend college parties.