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4 Largest Colleges in The United States

4 Largest Colleges in The United States

Some students love the idea of attending a small college or university. They like the idea of getting to know their fellow students, small class sizes, and learning from professors who know their names. On the other hand, many students are attracted to the idea of enrolling in one of the largest colleges in the United States. The idea of a large, bustling campus is appealing to them. So are the variety of activities, and the likelihood of meeting people from around the world. Many students also enjoy the fact that in order to make a mark on a large campus, one has to do really big things. For some, that is a challenge to be relished. Where do you stand? If big campuses and large student populations are appealing to you, check out this list of 4 US colleges that are the biggest in the United States.

1. University of Central Florida

Based on enrollment numbers, the University of Central Florida is the largest college in the United States. It is located in Orlando Florida and is home to well over 50 thousand students. In addition to this, students from every one of the 50 United States along with more than 100 countries attend school at UCF. The university is home to a total of 13 colleges that offer a wide variety of academic opportunities. Because Orlando is such a tourist hub, there is always plenty to do and students are in a good position to find employment while they are attending school.

2. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is located in College Station Texas, but it also has satellite locations in Galveston, and even Qatar. It is also home to the beloved Aggies football team. Academically, students seeking a large university in the United States should definitely consider this university. If they do, they will have more than 130 undergraduate majors to choose from. Texas A&M is also known for its internationally respected research facilities.

3. Ohio State University

Ohio State University is located in Columbus Ohio, but also has campuses elsewhere in the state. Students who attend this campus that is known for a diverse population, varied academic opportunities, and great athletic program have no shortage of things to do. Many students are also attracted to OSU because the city of Columbus Ohio has become known as a forward thinking, modern community that is very friendly towards college students. Columbus has also become known as  a bit of a hot spot for artists, musicians, and even trendy restaurateurs.

4. University of Texas at Austin

University of TX is home of the beloved Texas Longhorns. Students who attend this university often quickly fall in love with their school and remain loyal for life. Because of this, UT has an amazingly supportive alumni system. As with all big schools, students can pick from a large variety of graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Of course, one of the big draws is that the city of Austin is simply an amazing place to live. This is a place where everybody from cowboys to hippies and vegans to bbq aficionados are happy to call home. Students love the nightlife, music scene, and the ability to enjoy both nature and the big city in a single day.

These are just 4 of the largest colleges in America, but each of these is certainly a worthwhile choice for any student who wants the large school experience. So, go out and embrace life on big campuses and don’t be afraid of being a small fish in a big pond.