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How to make a topic sentence for an essay

How to make a topic sentence for an essay

There are actually two types of topic sentences for essays.

  1. There is, of course, the main essay topic sentence which is often called the thesis statement. It makes the point of the essay clear to the reader and appears in the introduction.
  2. There are then the good topic sentences for essays that introduce each paragraph.

Creating both of these types of essay topic sentences will take different approaches.

How to Write a Topic Sentence for an Essay

How to Write a Topic Sentence for an Essaysource

Whether you call it a thesis statement or a topic sentence for essay pieces you write, there is a process you can use to get one that is solid.

Begin by asking some questions:

  • What question is my paper exploring or answering?
  • What is the main point I am going to make about this topic?

Now you must narrow your question/point to fit the length of the assignment. If, for example, your general topic is obesity in the United States, you may need to focus on one aspect of that huge and complex issue. Are you interested in its causes? Are you interested in the impact of it on the cost of health care? Are you interested in prevention or treatment strategies? Once you have narrowed your question, you are ready to develop a topic sentence for an essay on obesity. Such a topic sentence (thesis statement) might be: “The medical costs of obesity in the U.S. have now reached $150 billion annually, and we must develop strategies to prevent and treat it.”

So, if you want to know how to make a topic sentence for an essay, begin by asking yourself the right question and then narrow that question to meet the length requirements.

How to Make Topic Sentences for an Essay

Now, you have your topic sentence for an essay. You will follow the normal process for producing that essay, including research, an outline, and the rough and final drafts.

As you write your essay, there will be paragraphs that will have topic sentences in essays that must be written.

Each paragraph has a main idea, a main point, just as there is a topic sentence of an essay in total. That main point is stated for the reader in a topic sentence and the followed by detail that all relates to that sentence.

Ask yourself the same questions. What is this paragraph about? What is the point being made? The answers will give you a topic sentence in essay paragraphs.

Topic Sentence for Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are special. When you have to write this type of essay or paper, your opinion must be included in the argumentative essay topic sentence. Here’s a brief example.

Suppose you have a very strong opinion about student loan debt. But you are not sure how to write a topic sentence for an argumentative essay on the topic. You do know that it should be included in your introductory paragraph. You might begin that introduction with some startling statistic. For example: “Student loan debt has now reached $1.4 billion and is having a major impact on the US. economy. This translates to about $38,000 per student, and these grads are delaying making major purchases (homes and cars) because of their debt repayment obligations.”

You have now introduced the topic of your essay. But this is not the topic sentence of an essay that puts forth an argument. Your opinion on this topic is what will be the thesis statement. For example, “Both the federal and state governments must find solutions to this debt crisis by making public colleges/universities free and by providing interest-free loans to those who must borrow.” Now you have a solid topic sentence in an essay that poses an argument.

Likewise, paragraph topic sentences for argumentative essays must each include an opinion. “Making public colleges free to students will ensure that all young people will have the opportunity to go to college if they wish.”

The What and the How

You now understand what is a topic sentence in an essay. What is more difficult is how to write an essay topic sentence. Perhaps the example above has helped.

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The topic sentence in an essay is critical. Make sure yours is as solid as it can be.